Garbage CollectorEmbarrassing Stink of Garbage

Have you ever walked into your home from a few days away and gotten a surprise by the smell of trash left in a garbage can?

A house that smells like a landfill can be sickening and very embarrassing. But, that smell is part of a natural process that really needs to happen.

Try a Cover Up

The smell can be rather irritating. There isn’t much that can be done to change that. You can try to cover up the smell, but eventually the cover-up gets overcome by the intensity of the stink.

Bacteria in Garbage is Natural

So like it or not, Garbage stink; especially if there is organic material such as food in the trash can. We learn in science class that this breakdown needs to occur so that the organic material can be broken down and used again.

So what causes that smell? It’s the bacteria and other organisms that get into your rotting food. There is really no way to stop it because the rotting breakdown is very important to our ecosystem. When the bacteria breaks down your garbage, gases like Methane and Carbon Dioxide are given off. Some modern landfills have developed ways of collecting the gas for various energy uses.

The Garbage Collector Gets the Worst of the Stink

Garbage collectors smell the stink everyday. Your trash is loaded into the truck and mixed with the other stinky garbage. When all of the garbage from a dozen or more households start to mix, the smell can be very intense and nauseating. (That’s one good reason to tie up the garbage in a trash bag).

ARW Garbage Service smells your garbage.  In fact, we might not like the smell, but we are happy to carry that smell away for you.  Contact Us today so we can get that stinky trash bag somewhere away your house.