Frequently Asked Questions

What Communities do you service?
We serve communities in Lumpkin County, Dawson County, North Hall County, and White County.  This includes the cities of Dahlonega, Dawsonville, Murrayville, and Cleveland.
What Kind of Garbage Can You Collect?
We collect common household and business materials. This includes paper, cardboard, cans, glass, plastic, etc.  We can also pick up yard trash in bags such as grass clippings, leaves, etc.

Unfortunately, we can not pick up loose items.  We are not allowed to accept hazardous materials, paint, freon, asbestos, liquids, dead animals, etc.  Any unlawful materials are subject to fines imposed by the landfill or government entities.

How often do you pick up garbage?
The frequency of pickup is determined by your household or business needs.  In most cases, a once per week pickup is all that is needed.  We can set up a more frequent pickup for businesses that require it.
Do you supply the trash bins?
We supply a trash bin that is included with your regular residential service or commercial service.  If larger rear-loading bins are needed, we have 2, 4, and 6 cubic yard bins available at an additional fee.
Where do I put my residential trash bin on pick up day?
Please place your closed bin at the curb with the front facing the street so the bin can be lifted and dumped into the truck.  The garbage bins usually have a message on the lid that asks for the arrows to point toward the street.

If you have a physical disability, please let us know if other arrangements for a pick up location will need to be made.

When does my trash can need to be at the curb?

Please make sure your trash bin is placed on the curb by 6:00 am in the morning on your pick-up day.

Where do I place my commercial trash bin?
Shopping areas usually have an assigned area near your business for the placement of garbage bins.  Just let us know where to find that area and we will pick up at the specified point.
Why Should My Trash be Place in Bags?
We request that all garbage be placed in bags before putting them in the bin.  This helps diminish the chance of loose trash flying out of the can when it is lifted and dumped into the truck.  On windy days loose trash will very easily fly out of the trash can when the lid opens.